Los Angeles Dance Lessons

iDanceAcademy is proud to host the best instructors in all types of  dance and offer classes in choreography as well as social dances. Instruction is primarily through private lessons which are the fastest route to improvement and competence. Teachers are based in Southern California and are available internationally.

Available For :

  • Private + Group Lessons
  • Intensive in Person lessons (2 days – 2  months)
  • Skype Lessons
  • Wedding /Quinceanera choreography
  • Corporate Events
  • Dance Performances
  • Flash Mobs

Private Lessons for Men and Women ($75-$200/session)
Preferred over Skype lessons as you are with the instructor and seeing and learning everything live.  Private lessons are the best way to learn rapidly and work best for those who have time to learn on a regular basis. Consistent learning, and practice are key to rapid improvement and retention. Our instructors are available to teach the most hopeless beginners all the way up to seasoned pros.

Intensive Session (Los Angeles and Internationally) ($100-$2500/day)
Intensive sessions are the absolute fastest way to see improvement in your dancing.  Students take intensive sessions anywhere from 2 days- 4 weeks consecutively.

Sessions include 1-4 hours in studio per day.  This can be Hip Hop, Jazz, Nightclub dancing, or a mix of styles.  We can customize the program to meet your needs.

If you take a social dancing intensive we spend 4 hours in the evening out at the finest clubs. There you’ll practice everything you’ve learned, meet some awesome people, and have a blast.

Intensive students are sometimes locals from LA who want to get good fast, but mostly Intensive students fly to LA to learn from iDA instructors or fly  them internationally for convenience.  Webcam lessons work great, but cannot match the visceral experience of having in person lessons.

Skype Webcam Lessons ($75-$100/session)
Technology is amazing and skype lessons give you access to iDA Instructors no matter where you are in the world.  You don’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your home. Now you have us virtually in your house and we’ll give you get our expert eye to help you look the best you can.

Wedding Dance Lessons- Bride & Groom | Father Daughter | Flash Mob Proposal
Make your special day unforgettable for you and your guests by surprising them with a fun Wedding Dance.  This dance is customized to match your skill (or lack thereof) and musical preferences.  The dance will showcase the love and chemistry between you and your partner and will get your friends and family pumped up!

The choreography can be something as a simple romantic slow dance, a formal ballroom dance, or a more modern hip hop type dance that have gone viral on youtube.

What an exciting occasion, and we’re here to help make it that much more special and memorable.  Often times a waltz is a popular dance, and other styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop can be thrown in as well.

Group Seminars (Internationally)
iDanceAcademy offers classes for groups, universities, and corporations.  Dancing is a great way to team build, bond, and show your organization a great time.  Scaled pricing, or group rates can be negotiated.

Party/Corporate Entertainment
iDanceAcademy has performers in all genres to liven up your event. From Salsa dancers to Hip Hop and Belly Dancers we’ll get your crowd up on their feet and energized.  Services include dance performances as well as interactive audience crowd pumping which is great for long employee trainings or business seminars.

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